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Messenger Lite
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Messenger Lite is an official client developed by Facebook for its well-known instant messaging service. The biggest draw is that this client takes up much less space than the standard version, occupying a little less than 10 megabytes. This makes it lighter, which means it can run without any problems on older devices with previous versions of Android.

The application is an official one, so it has practically all the same functions as the original chat service, enabling you to talk with your friends individually or in groups by sending and receiving text, images, videos, and stickers.

The difference between this client and unofficial ones that you can find online is that Messenger Lite can work in the background and send notifications for messages from your friends, like triggering vibrations or lighting up the device's screen when there is any activity. In practical terms, it has the same features as the original client without taking up as much space and consuming as many resources, which is what Facebook applications are generally known for.

Messenger Lite is a fantastic alternative to the official Facebook client. It's especially useful in countries where wireless connections struggle with the huge amount of data needed to run the official client. It's also compatible with a large number of devices and older versions of Android (as far back as 2.3 Gingerbread), though of course you can use it no matter what your situation is.

By Erika Okumura

Why is my smartphone so slow?!

It's the million-dollar question, the one you ask your 'techie' friend about, the missing link for that low-end Huawei you gave your mum for Christmas, the words you whisper to your reflection every morning in the mirror: WHY IS MY PHONE RUNNING SO SLOW? Time marches inexorably on for electronic devices – the fault of the ever more demanding software that sucks the useful life out of your phone in a million ways. But still, we can fight to keep this from happening. Here's how.


Facebook Messenger vs Messenger Lite: Which is better?

The recent arrival of a new, much more facebook-messenger-lite-android/'>lightweight official Facebook Messenger client has made lots of Facebookers seriously consider swapping to the Lite version given how much less it consumes in the way of resources. Today we're going to put them side by side to see which does better on RAM consumption, space taken up, and available features in both versions so you can decide for yourself which one is more worth your time.


Facebook Messenger Lite now available on Android

The Lite versions of the most popular apps are the saving grace of many users who have neither much space nor much hardware power on their devices and prefer lighter options. In the case of Facebook, while there are lots of third-party clients, the release of the official Facebook Lite app led loads of people to get rid of the clunky original. Now, following on its success, comes Facebook Messenger Litea compact version of the client that takes up less than half the space of the normal app.


Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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visitor - 28.07.17
Very Very Nice
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i cant install it!
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Messenger-Lite???? I cant Install tt????????????????
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