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Papertown Super Theme GO
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This theme ONLY work on GO Launcher EX v3.25 or above. NO activation code NOW!

Thank you for supporting Super Theme on GO Launcher! Now a brand new one is comingPaperTown! Go and explore the amazing paper world in your hand!

Here, we introduce you an entirely new feature on Super ThemeScene Switch! In this PaperTown, you can pull down and release the sun/moon to change the state of day & night! So, both the wallpaper and cities have two styles!
If you like PaperTown super theme and want more customization, you can choose to upgrade full version, with more animation and more effects. You can check out the full version demo in settings window(click the bird).


Paper cities: switch statue when day&night change
Clouds: touch to spray, also can be pulled
Sun / Moon: Showing battery, switch day&night
Airplane: moving fast when clicked
Bird: click to open the setting window, can be dragged to everywhere.
Slad & Shake: flowers and stars falling down

Once you've upgraded the full version, try SHAKING your phone first !!
In the full version, we add you 2 more new cities, you can switch them by shaking your phone ,and you'll see the AMAZING animation -- TORNADO! Surprise your friends!

You can have 3 more kinds of aircraft including UFO, Airship and Fighter, with different funny click action.
Also you can add a banner to your aircraft, you can fill in the content whatever you like!

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- 4.09.14
Rahul kumar
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