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Tiny Toon Adventures
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Game Classic - Tiny Toon Adventures (Android Version)

Tiny Toon Adventures is a platform video game for the NES. It was the first Tiny Toon Adventures-related video game to be released for any video game console device.
The player initially controls Buster Bunny in the effort to rescue Babs Bunny from her kidnapper, Montana Max. Before each world, the player can select an alternate character that they can switch into if they find a star ball. The three alternate characters are Dizzy Devil, Furrball, and Plucky Duck. Dizzy, Furrball, and Plucky have unique abilities that Buster lacks: Plucky can briefly fly, Dizzy can spin through walls and destroy walls and most enemies with his spin mode, and Furrball can climb many vertical surfaces, slowly sliding down them rather than plunging down.
There are six worlds in the game, with three levels each: The Hills, The Wetlands, The Trees, Downtown, Wackyland (unlike the rest, this world only has one level), and Montana Max's Mansion. Aiding Buster is Hamton, who will give Buster an extra lives for 30 carrots each. The second level in each world concludes with an enclosed area where the player must avoid Elmyra and exit through the door; if the player is grabbed by Elmyra, they must start the world over. The third level in each world concludes with a boss battle.
Duck Vader (a parody of Darth Vader) makes a cameo appearance as a secret boss if the number of carrots collected in any level is a multiple of eleven. If the player can defeat him without losing one life in the process, three extra lives will be gained.

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Muhammad Hussain Khawaja - 5.11.14
tiny toon is the super hit game. Mojhay maharbani kar kay game download kar day
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