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Papa Bear Gummy Pear space tales game free
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Welcome to Gummy pear papa bear space tales.

This game is the story of a Gummy pear called papa bear and the evil alien called Galaxiar.

Galaxiar was jealous of papa bear's love for his children and he stole them. As he was trying to get away carring all the children, papa bear tried to STOP himbut he didn't make it.

Galaxiar in order to revenge him threw his children in mazes in space. Now papa bear is trying to get them back.

There are more 100 stages for endless game. Visit one of the four corners and take the bigger son of Papa Pear in order to change Galaxiar's space Fleet to astronauts.

You can do this four times.Bonus items appear.

Be aware to collect them in order to earn more points and achieve new high score.

To move papa bear around just swipe your finger right or left.

Rate whether you like our game or not.
The sweet side of life, now in space. Awesome.

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