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Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure
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Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure follows the exploits of young Goku as he sets out for the first time to seek the legendary Dragon Balls. Based on the earliest manga chapters (before the series turned into Dragon Ball Z series), players fight their way through platform levels, bashing countless goons and bosses inspired by pivotal events and characters from the series.

While the game's levels are straightforward brawls, special duels and tournament sequences play like classic fighting games, albeit with simplified controls. Goku can punch, kick and use his magic staff. After a certain point in the game, getting the Flying Nimbus, he receives the ability to engage into air combat. After completing the story mode, duel characters become available for customizable one-on-one bouts. Additional characters and mini-games can be unlocked by satisfying special requirements, e.g. completing the story mode unlocks Goku's fiend Krillin as a playable character.

Smooth Gameplay Speed
Fully Compatible With All Android Devices
Save & Load (Touch menu button to display the menu)
Full Controller Settings (Touch menu button to display the menu)
Portrait & Landscape Orientation Supported

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Songio Jeckie - 20.12.16
but its may be need Net connection for play
visitor - 19.11.16
I like dragon ball z
visitor - 1.03.16
DragonBaiiz' '
Sejal - 14.08.15
My name is sejal jo game download mara usse me voungi vobhi condom laga ke meri bhen bhagya uskwa ma h bhagya ki and meri mai roj ek aadmi ke saat bj vati hu lyo ki vo game download marw mera khandan vale sb rndve mai meri bhen bhagya aur meri ma sb se chuvate h so please download game address bhilai sector 7 steeet ok vane aajaoungi ok mera bhut bda h okkkk.
avom - 21.07.15
amazing.pleas every body download this game it is so good that i lack word to discrib how the game was beautiful and i was eving angry when i finish the game becaus that game was so,not so but the phoneky i wil be a big fan of your dbz game.but pleas work hard on the legacy of goku ii.i am impersance to play it.
phuluso Leslie - 30.03.15
this game is soi cool and addictive
m.@ri? - 24.03.15
it is very advance like game so good
Geraldo Armando - 20.01.15
Meu adorei o jogo, muito fixe
Geraldo Armando - 20.01.15
Meu eu adorei esse jogo,mas chega uma parte em que eu nao consigo subir,mas mesmo assim,adorei o jogo Fixe.
- 17.01.15
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