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Soccer Hero
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Version: 2.38
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Soccer Hero is a 3D soccer game where you create your own player, choosing his name and physical aspects, and then begin to play in the minor leagues of whichever country you choose.

The style and development of Soccer Hero is very similar to the awesome New Star Soccer, with the main difference being that now all the graphics have been recreated in 3D, to fantastic result.

Players of Soccer Hero have to manage everything about their player: from the contract he'll sign with his club, to the purchases he makes (like shoes, energy drinks, houses, cars...), as well as his relationships with his coach or fans.

And in addition to all that, of course, there are the games. During the games, players need to intervene at the most opportune moments, dribbling the ball and choosing exactly where to kick it. For example: kicking from below will send the ball high, and kicking to the right will make it bend.

Depending on your actions in each game, you'll receive money, better relationships with your fans, and of course fame. As you become more famous and improve your skills, you can keeping climbing up the levels until you become a superstar.

Soccer Hero is a very entertaining soccer game that takes the best of the aforementioned New Star Soccer and combines it with outstanding graphics.

Requires Android 4.2 or higher

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