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Race the Traffic Nitro
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Version: 1.0.10
(29.43 MB)
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Race the Traffic Nitro is a 3D car racing game and continuation of Race the Traffic where you have to do basically the same thing, but this time with the addition of 'nitro'.

Race the Traffic Nitro has three different game modes where you have to dodge traffic while trying to get as far down the highway as possible. You can play different scenarios, too: either day or night, and in different weather conditions.

With the money you win by racing, you can buy new vehicles for your garage (there are over ten different ones). You can also add upgrades to each car, improving its speed, handling, and braking.

One of the best things about Race the Traffic Nitro is that it includes different control modes: you can play with touch screen controls or by using your device's accelerometer, whatever your preference.

Race the Traffic Nitro is a fun racing game with good graphics, and while it doesn't actually offer anything new in a fairly saturated genre, it does give a better sense of speed than most other games of its kind.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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