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Punch Boxing 3D
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Version: 1.0.9
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Punch Boxing 3D is a boxing game where players create their own boxer and try to take him to the top of the boxing world. To do it, you'll need to go to the gym, lift weights, train with a punching bag, and of course, win loads of fights against your biggest rivals.

Players can customize their boxer in a bunch of different ways. You can change his skin tone, hair style, hair color and facial hair, and many other things, such as his shorts or boxing gloves. In short, you can give your character the look that you want, besides picking his name and nationality.

The fighting system in Punch Boxing 3D is quite simple and intuitive: by swiping up you can o an 'upper cut,' if you swipe to one of the sides you can do a hook, and by tapping the screen quickly you'll throw quick punches. What's more, when the rival has hit you enough, you can use a special super hit by tapping the portrait of your boxer.

Between fights you can go to the gym to improve your boxer's skills. Doing this will be absolutely necessary if you want to win against all your opponents. In total there are over 30 different competitors, and most of them will destroy you if you don't get better at working out.

Punch Boxing 3D is a fun fighting game with a lot of content, and it also has amazing graphics worthy of a proper console.

Requires Android 2.1 or higher

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